25 February 2009

not enough time to tell you how i feel

in ten minutes i need to have been somewhere ten minutes ago top ten:
1. sans-serif//too much yellow
2. publicized burning man psyche
3. caloric meltdown
4. trapped in checks
5. hope for the barter system
6. "get you on the front of king magazine"
7. putting on blinders//facilitated emotional amnesia
8. you were made from dust, and to post-vape you shall return
9. wasted potential, wasted life, get wasted
10. "i dated _________ for longer than you've stayed in one college."

i could be her for you and you and you and you but not necessarily only you.

17 February 2009

let it not be true

hear it snap as you bury it deep top ten:
1. i can read to you
2. new nu-language
3. hand over the reigns
4. our relationship has grown ten-fold(on the web)
5. what makes what makes it real to be real?
6. square honky, uptight square
7. sitting silent at the altar of george herriman
8. no identification//no self
9. a house made of the things you never use
10. he is lost in the tar pits
(11. do you think it's weird when i look at you strangely out of the corner of my eye?)

the first hints of other-ache seem sharper every time.

12 February 2009

green rebelrevolutionaries

time acceleration keeps shaking me awake top ten:
1. mexico city is running out of water, running dry
2. move to a town that is lower middle class
3. maca magick will perfect mental ascension
4. you were smoking in the dark
5. king brisket/daddy prune
6. how did it feel to catch a swordfish, ernest?
7. space alien grunge punk
8. grand trine save the way my teeth fit in my head
9. poisoning lack of asceticism
10. two heads of one charley(manson)

suffocating inside poorly boiled roots and dutty wine.

10 February 2009

evaluate my excitement

retrospective hindsight highlife top ten:
1. "let's burn our records and listen to current93."
2. boom noodle bro
3. coffee drop
4. pacific northwest winter wonderland
5. wisdom tooth ache
6. crystal liaisons
7. old records, old needle, old pop; new music
8. double negation of post-post modern
9. endless trip/portals may not have exit signs
10. put your hands to sleep

awkward limbs and bad skins are just some of the problems of second adolescence.

09 February 2009

hedonism paused

gasping for air top ten:
1. poor drainage
2. when i jump to conclusions, jump with me
3. decorate your mid century furniture with mid century thinkers
4. scarcity of intellect, scary intellectuals
5. drop out (turn off, tune out)
6. no money for money for money for money
7. slight, slim, beard
8. can snot come out of yr eye?
9. cute 1, cute 2, cute 3 ("i don't know why i make these images.")
10. swollen shut, face goes numb
(11. goddess head, drowned in your liquidz)

"carbunkle's are as serious as any infection."

06 February 2009

speed of darkness

blanketed top ten-
1. valid but weak
2. skunkhead on the street
3. derrida was right
4. "adderol proven to increase cognitive function but..."
5. he dances, too?
6. olympus is in the center
7. your satellite is a nuclear warhead
8. can i have a handjob
9. warhead proven to have direct cognitive relationship with handjob
10. put out yr feelers

ba-baby, have you seen it?


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