28 December 2009

three more daze

purgatory comes to a close top ten:

1. a thousand broken watches
2. receipts from when i spent too much
3. not-very-well-taken-care-of
4. boxes never unpacked
5. 'things i may never use again'
6. dorm furniture
7. not my bed
8. found in the garbage, grabbed from the trash
9. the stains from when my brain imploded
10. barely living, barely lived here, barely livid

just passing through on my way to the great 'somewhere else'.

24 December 2009

i'm finding it hard to believe


1. when we were eighteen, where did you get that bottle of rum?
1½. no shoes running from the bowery, congee-village plz
2. dye my hair, bleach my hair
3. 'its 14 degrees outside! i want to die!'
4. loeb hall, gore-see//moon deck, henni's dates
5. casual time in sarasota, florida
6. zombie face paint & bowls of fake blood
7. i am sorry i am not the friend to you that you have been to me
8. caught talking shit in the mckibben lofts, post-grasshoppers
9. asleep in yr bed at 1030pm, new years eve
10. {(['i'm taking soup to a friend, i promise i'll see you at BKF!'])}

the hardest walk you could ever take is the walk you take from a to b to c.

21 December 2009

something nervously different

'checking out'

it's a mess that never goes away,
growing in all directions.
north, south, east, west.
towards the sky and down below the floor,
below the ground.

i stare into my boxes
they seem watery and slurred.
it couldn't be true -
(no, not, not ever) a trick.
illusory; gases bending in rising heat

there's no necessity, only ephemera.
conversations never finished
piled high atop
pieces of lost things and
useless bits atavistically found, forgotten.

and i am sorry. i'm sorry.
'i am so sorry.'
pockets filled with my hair, my skin
and yours. ritualistic emptying.
but i remain inundated, weighed down.

'this is just the way you live and choose to be.'

18 December 2009

tight look

clothes for the cold top ten:

1. high waisted wooly
2. never wear pants again
3. worn in worn out worn ragged run me ragged
4. 'her body looks slamming'
5. one step closer to gaga(i'm sorry, so sorry)
6. 'i get what yr doing, trying to be a druid'
8. fetish gear appropriation
9. the spirit of seventy-seven pants
10. gcrg//inspired by yr chelsea

plunge into the depths of the most cavernous darkness.

14 December 2009


couches in los angeles top ten:

1. kush doctor
3. american trailer park
4. 'it could've been jay-z. he had a real nice car.'
5. wine cooler//no oven
6. 'i got to go back stage at the slightly stoopid show!'
7. let me see yr weird face
8. about the journey; whether you like it or you don't
9. television inside the box && outside of the box
10. the freakiest sup

lunar basalt resin hits have hermetic power at the palace uv dave&rob, oh-for-sure.

05 December 2009


living and dying at yr altar top ten:

1. poser fetish
2. no neck blues band//face down on the floor
3. srsly, where is don?
4. voice of a revenant
5. pentacle pizza
6. bad starz: raining in los angeles
7. 'do you know much about magick?'
8. teen rush//let me pierce yr navel next
9. acid grotto, see also: holy mary sighting
10. goth autumn gets darker each equinox

with gaga as my witness, it will be an erumpent nu-year.


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