29 November 2010

well, funk fug fuck

WARNING, not a top ten//untraditional post:

I am in Europe (Rome precisely). Last nite my bike was stolen out of my house.
It is (as many 'readers' know) a red 48 cm SOMEC with riser bars, Chris King headset, Campagnolo cranks, chrome Mavic rims, and some stupid yellow fancy seat.
More than all of that it was a mythical transportation unit that made me extremely happy. It feels better to ride than anything else I have ever known and I love it like a stupid consumerist freak. Look out for it, let me know. Tell your friends to look out for it. I will definitely pay a $$$$$ reward for it's return. To come: top ten about all of the worldly goods I have lost permanently or temporarily on this trip. Maybe instead of a trip to Europe; I need 2 get off the planet.


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