20 September 2010


new pool isn't as fresh as we hoped top ten:

1. saves the day youtube playlist? yes, and really
2. my grrl walking death
3. helmsley's time tunnel(she left all of her $$$ to cats)
4. 'txting-in' my affection
6. listless lethargy
7. are you downloading him?
8. ant pupae consumption; "i'll try any antidote."
9. how special is his silly hood?
10. blame it on borderline personality disorder

just lying in bed begging the cone of obliscence to be real.

10 September 2010

vehemently haunted

moving on so long later top ten:

1. casual stories about you
2. perpetual cellular silence
3. "i guess i'll either get over it or i'll kill myself."
4. the gift of agent cooper
5. wuthering heights revisionist history
6. i just
7. want you
8. to know
9. i am
10. still sad.

the next time will be the last time we have to talk about it.

01 September 2010

'is it for me or about me?'

DIRT THE FILM top ten:

1. 2 be real, i could've died
2. 2 be real, wish i hadn't dyed
3. life as a litterbox (*'will he be my litterbox boy?')
4. ten hours in reykjavik
5. i'm going to be drooling on yr shoulder, ma!
6. 'can you drink for free because you made out with him or something?'
7. WE WILL PRBLY BE ARGUING FOR A LONG TIME. (prophetic textual visions)
8. polyester sateen sheets/vs/400 cat fur count sheets
9. he chose jimi over jerry & i just knew
10. I am busy fucking and also being wasted!!

each time i believe yr not beautiful, you just radiate beneath the sulfur light.


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