01 June 2011

as the blood drains from yr face

'i thought i just had a stomach ache' top ten:

1. digital sigil distracts from the poison i swallowed
2. reflexive gnosis; the light clicks off behind yr eyes
3. i love you, i'm sorry, i did not sign up for a long distance relationship
4. table at mcdonald's for one, plz
5. almost 2 years & it still kills, i mean aches, i mean hurts, i mean its okay forget it
6. saline solution dripz from my third eye
7. acquiescing to obsolescence//embracing invisibility
8. walt whitman bled into the leaves ov grass
9. iknowiamluckyiknowiamluckyiknowiamlucky( x 23 )
10.the dream where the wolf drowned the bear and that is it that is all

'finality is reached when ye have learned to digest everything.'


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