30 March 2010

soaking in townes

'what will make you feel more bleak?' top ten:
1. won't you lend yr lungs to me, mine are collapsing
2. close yr eyes, i'll be here in the morning
3. 'what is it like, you know, what is it like to live with him?'
4. won't you come and get me when yr sure that you don't need me
5. then i will stand outside yr window and proudly call yr name
6. 'i drink so much because i am thirsty.'
7. i'd swim the seas for to ease your pain
8. it's plain to see the sun won't shine today
9. but i ain't in the mood for sunshine anyway
10. 'well i don't think that you can ever do your best. doing your best is a process of trying to do yr best.'

how long will he be crawling?

20 March 2010

genuflecting on the periphery

letters never sent top ten:

1. mislead lifestyle politick (alpha male fetish)
2. bowing at yr stony altar (years of the less than platonic)
3. poisoned omission (hierarchical affection and also, 'sex')
4. brand-new-life//not a 'cunt' (colors never seen before and forever)
5. systematic hatred performed ('i love you, grrl, srsly')
6. bloodied teen beat (just a phase as a rule)
7. to whom it may concern ('my favorite storytellers are liars')
8. squelched leo rising (wanting, never expecting, never expected)
9. frontal lobe game theory (shared pane of plexiglass)
10. domesticated futures (lost things never trained)

degenerative couching as a communication style, yes, and, okay.


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