17 May 2009


why is lapham's quarterly so tight?

seriously, the best twenty dollars i've spent all 'quarter'.
the most recent issue is crime & punishment. look into it.

antithetically monastic.

subtextual contextual top ten:

1. womyn learning how to organize
2. how did you find a psychobilly girlfriend?
3. the books i've never read
4. holding on to you for the books you may have never read
5. a twenty eight hundred mile river that can't be forded
6. you have to take your boots off once a day
7. words can be your cult of youth
8. fuliginous attitude//spirit made decrepit
9. only fantasy will calm her down
10. the nest is impossible to disassemble

'who do you think i am? but, who do you really think i am?'


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