09 April 2010

'i am more than sure i like that even less.'

all-need-is-solidarity top ten:

1. "i think i am going to start a graffiti career under the moniker Tony Bourdain."
2. choosing to let yr phone not work
3. exxon gas card, well, okay, yes we can go anywhere.
4. the weight of hermetically infused words//language tonic
5. just take my words right out of my mouth --->
6. ---> i guess i made them for you anyway
7. '"The dishes can wait," he said.'
8. frmr punk now cool guy tally (should it/could it be a blog?)
9. date to the golden road of ultimate devotion w/o a date
10. 'i hope it's cold enough to wear my leather jacket. seriously.'

PERFORMANCE. is that something that intrigues you?


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