11 March 2009

i am that. it is me.

falling face first into lookbook top ten:
1. time is as much as the language applied
2. "you don't understand that humanity isn't sustainable."
3. bathing in distraction
4. fold your clothes carefully, jump away
5. what is the difference between different?
6. four saints in three acts
7. noted for an inventive use of cellophane
8. the nuclear winter is the coldest we've seen in years
9. dusted with loose tobacco
10. split open//carefully look inside

last night, i dreamt about letting all the ugliness bubble over into the light.

10 March 2009

freak pride

scratching the center of my back top ten:
1. boys gone down the hill
2. test is a word, nature is a word
3. yourself as character in story of the eye
4. tipping the velvet
5. "i've never seen you in a band t-shirt."
6. rough sea of indoor/outdoor carpet and wasted money
7. forced to move to new york
8. life seen through a toaster
9. rest yr head on the door jam
10. extricate body from train tracks

one part hedonism, two parts malaise, then set to boil.


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